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Use of Rotary International Matching Grants

Q. Can I / we request that the donation be used towards an ROI linked matching grant project?
A.  Yes

Q. Why should we do so - what are the financial advantages?
A.  If you are a private donor, a business entity or a Rotary or other Club, and agree to do so, we will apply to Rotary International for matched funded grants. This will increase the value of your donation by 50%. If your Rotary District makes a donation this is increased by 100%

Q. What will you do with the additional monies generated?
A. Your donation will still be used to buy ophthalmoscopes for mass screening, but the additional funds will pay for resulting cataract surgery, vitamin A supplements or other essential eye-care treatments / equipment.

Q. Have you any examples or case studies demonstrating the benefits?
A.  Yes. We recently received approval for our first project in Mumbai. This will fund 80 ophthalmoscopes, screen some 10,000 people,  pay for 500 cataract operations and provide eye equipment for a local Medical Centre.  See the Press Release for further details.  We are currently in discussion with Clubs in Norfolk, Cumbria and Lancashire about further projects in Afghanistan, Africa and India.

Q.  Are there any other advantages for Rotary Clubs?
A.  Yes. There are a number: We will find a suitable host Club/District in the project area for you; Whilst we will do most of the work, your Club name and donation will be formally registered as a project contribution; We will send your donation through RIBI so that it scores for Paul Harris Fellowship points. That in turn will mean that your District Designated Fund (DDF) will benefit in years to come.

Q.  I am interested in learning more about Matching grants. Can you advise me?
A.   Please download a copy of our Novices Guide to Matching Grants or see a worked example

Use of Gift-aid

Q.  Do you have a Gift-aid scheme?
A.  Yes.  If you are a tax payer please complete this Gift-aid form so that we can increase the value of your donation by 28%, which, if applied to a matching grant project will increase its value by 92% in total.